Deaf Elders Around Rochester (D.E.A.R.)

We are honored to provide support for deaf elderly people so they are able to use Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf’s clubhouse for socializing during the day time.

DEAR, a social group, meets at RRCD on a regular basis to provide daytime opportunities for deaf senior citizens to socialize. It will be every wednesdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

DEAR was established in September 1974 when active deaf senior citizens found it difficult to go out in the evenings to socialize. They wanted to meet during the daytime, so D.E.A.R was formed for this purpose.

At the clubhouse, the seniors play cards or other games. In other words, they socialize! They bring their own lunch. Special events are occasionally planned, such as daytime trips and having guest speakers on topics of interest. Sometimes a catered lunch may be served during the holidays.

Membership dues:

  • R.R.C.D. member = $35.00 ( 55 yrs old and up ),  starting in September for a year.
  • Admission to each D.E.A.R:  $3.00 which covers unlimited coffee drinks.
  • Beverages except coffee and tea are bought at the club.
  • Non-Member is welcome and pay $ 5.00

General meetings are held at least 3 times a year.

Officers currently serving are President, Francis Kimmes; Secretary, Sophie Bleisweiss and Treasurer, Paula Wollenhaupt.

For more information, contact President Francis at VP: (585) 286-2172 or by e-mail:

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