Board and Officers

Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 members, elected for two-year terms on a rotating basis.

Here are the current members of the RRCD Board:

Board of Directors

  • President- Walter Genther
  • Vice President- Audrey Schell
  • Secretary- Colleen Evenstad
  • Treasurer- Francis Kimmes

Standing Board Members

  • Constitution/Bylaws Chair- Don Metlay
  • Trustee- Frank Todesco
  • Social/REAP Chair- Robin Ching
  • Member At Large- Elissa Olsen
  • Member At Large- John Haynes
  • Member At Large- Dean DeRusso
  • DEAR Represenative- Colleen Daviton-Burland
  • Advisor- Steven DeBottis